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Swetha Mohan

Vijay Prakash





Shweta Pandit

Director: N. Linguswamy

Producer: N. Linguswamy , Ronnie Screwvala

Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Arya as Gurumurthi

 Amala Paul as Jayanthi

 Madhavan as Tirumurthi

Sameera Reddy as Vasanthi

Ashutosh Rana as Annachi

Vettai - A Hunt With Hints

After 'Run' almost ten years ago, director Lingusamy and Madhavan come together in a bid to repeat the magic, this time with added strength. They have young and bubbly Arya to their company.
A sibling story, 'Vettai' promises plenty of action and emotion. Lingusamy has ensured that his typical commercial elements find a place in 'Vettai' that proceeds in quick pace with enough twists and turns.
Firstly, the story is as old as the hill. Something we have seen since MGR days. But Lingusamy has given a fresh coat to it. There are host of characters and events unfold without a pause.
Gurumurthy (Madhavan) and Thirumurthy (Arya) are brothers who are contrast to each other. The former is shy and timid while the latter is bold and takes things by its horns.
Their father is a police officer. After his demise, a reluctant Guru is forced to take up the job. Thiru assures him all help. He even goes to the extent of working undercover and helps his brother emerge successful in fighting goons.
There is Vasanthi (Sameera), a talkative village belly who marries Guru. Her sister Jayanthi (Amala Paul) falls for Thiru and his mannerisms.
Meanwhile there is one Annachi (Asutosh Rana), an embodiment of evil in the town. He takes cudgels against Guru. Now Thiru steps in to set things right. At one point, coward Guru is prepared to face all challenges. How the two brothers join hands to eliminate Annachi forms the rest.
Madhavan is at his best playing a timid youth. He seems to share a good rapport working with Lingusamy and it is evident on screen. Arya is appealing. His vibrant energy adds strength to his character. At places, his character seems to resemble the one that he did in 'Boss Engira Baskaran'.
Amala Paul and Sameera Reddy share equal screen space.  Three cheers to Nirav Shah. The man behind the lens has done a commendable job. He has captured the village with all its beauty. The soft lens speaks poetry. Equally impressive are the stunt sequences captured by his camera. Yuvan Shankar Raja's songs are just adequate.
Produced by Thirupathi Brothers and released by UTV Motion Pictures, 'Vettai' is a cliched path traveled by Lingusamy. But the right packaging of commercial elements with apt star cast makes it count.
If you are ready to forget all logic and want to enjoy a masala movie this festive season, head on to 'Vetta
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