Full movie online Race 2



Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ameesha Patel

Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla, Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla


 The story of Race 2 starts with Ranveer Singh's (Saif Ali Khan) girlfriend Sonia's (Bipasha Basu) murder and the former's quest for revenge from the killer. A depressed and sombre Ranveer heads to Turkey and meets Armaan Malik (John Abraham), who has actually murdered Sonia. Multi-millionaire Armaan is a man who loves nothing more than money and Ranveer's motto is to destroy his girlfriend's killer, by snatching away all his riches. This is where Ranveer meets the super sexy Elena (Deepika Padukone), Armaan's sister, who has no better job except getting onto the bed with the former. Then, we are introduced to one more hottie Jacqueline Fernandes, Armaan's loyal girlfriend or you may call her just a 'sidekick' in the movie. You need not disturb your brain at all in the first half as it serves no content, expect some eye-catching chiselled hot bods, designer wardrobes, swanky cars and a journey to exotic foreign locales.


 The sequel outshines Race in terms of majestic and larger than life look. Well, I just can't afford to give a miss to the electrifying 'cage-fight' of John Abraham, that certainly remains the best part in the movie. Saif Ali Khan does a commendable job in Race 2. He's shrewd, sharp and delivers a solid performance.


The list of spoilers in Race 2 are too many to mention. Say it the lazy plot, bad music, illogical content, fruit and nut Anil Kapoor, dumb Ameesha Patel, expressionless Deepika and Jacqueline, nothing is impressive about this wannabe thriller. The worst part of Race 2 are those most annoying and irritating sequences between Robert D'Costa (Anil Kapoor) and his dim-witted assistant Cherry (Ameesha Patel). Ahhh, adding icing to the cake, what might make you leave the theatre, are those cheap and poorly written dialogues of the wannabe hot Cherry. On the other hand, John Abraham's dry and pale act for the powerful role of that of a millionaire gangster is slap on the faces of those, who had monstrous expectation from the sequel. Certain scenes in the movie are definitely well-thought out and executed, but the excessively stuffed glitz and glamour quotient act as serious spoilers.


 Race 2 is all about show-offs, wannabes and a few gorgeous sidekicks. Hence, it's definitely worth giving a miss. I would give this a half point extra for the breathtaking 'cage act' by John, hence two-and-half on the whole for this lame sequel.