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Directed by:
 James Mangold

Produced by:
 Lauren Shuler Donner
Hugh Jackman
Hutch Parker
John Palermo

Hugh Jackman 


Will Yun Lee 


Hiroyuki Sanada 
Hal Yamanouchi 
Tao Okamoto 


Rila Fukushima 


Brian Tee 
Famke Janssen 
Svetlana Khodchenkova 


Release date(s) :
July 24, 2013

Movie Review: 

Director James Mangold isn't really interested in making a comic book movie. Not in the traditional sense. He’s not really interested in explosions or bombastic action sequences or 3D. He’s not interested in quip-spouting super heroes or nudging his audience in the ribs with a sly wink.
What he is interested in, is character. Mangold, whose previous works include Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line and 3:10 to Yuma, is an actor’s director. He’s the man responsible for Angelina Jolie’s Lisa Rowe, Joaquin Phoenix’s Johnny Cash and Christian Bale’s Dan Evans. Mangold is unequivocally sincere in his approach and his actors have the Oscars to prove it.
It might seem odd, then, for a director who cut his teeth on character-driven drama to be turning his attention to a comic book franchise, particularly one so established in the pop culture consciousness as The Wolverine. But Mangold is approaching the Marvel poster boy as he would with any of his sociopaths and his addicts; with a confidence that here is a multi-faceted, flawed human, waiting to be probed and exposed.
He just happens to be a mutant.

One of the most interesting things about Logan is his immortality,” says Mangold on a sunny Thursday at The Wolverine set in Sydney’s Chinese gardens, near the production’s central home at Fox Studios. “The fact that there’s a kind of exhaustion that sets in when you’re here forever. And I wrote these lines on the back of my script when I first met with Fox: ‘everyone I love will die.’ I felt that the saga I wanted to tell was the story about a man who in a way felt cursed. And everyone he’d ever cared about in the world, whether it be the people he fought with – the X-Men, his wife, or others – had perished.”
It’s a point Mangold returns to many times, this idea of finding Logan not at his iconic yellow and black high but at his most defeated low, with his “tank empty,” as he puts it.  “There’s this idea of the ‘ronin’. Which in a sense is exactly what Logan is. A hero without a purpose. A hero without a mission. Does he even have interest in a mission any more? Or is he so bored with them because mankind keeps f*cking up. What’s the point?
“I think that’s a really interesting place to start a film. And a really interesting place for this character to go on a journey.”

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