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Piyush Jha

Kartar Cheema, 
Gul Panag, Manav Vij,
 Yaad Grewal, 
Raj Jhinjher, 
Ajay Kumar, 
Victor John and Nishawn Bhullar

 Jatinder Mauhar


 21 jun 2013.

Plot: Sikander is the journey of a boy, Sikander (Cheema) who lands up in Chandigarh to join a political party and support his friends. But soon he finds himself in the middle of all things where he has to contest the President's election. During their tenure, Sikander and his friends face various problems and find Beant ( Gul Panag), Sikander's ex-beau competing against them in the next elections due to some forced circumstances. The film talks about student politics, usage of drugs and relationships at colleges.

ReviewSikander - When the first promo of the film was released, it was expected that it would take Punjabi Cinema further to a next level where we will have films with deeper and meaningful stories to tell. But sadly Sikander isn't that film and we will have to wait for some more time untilHimmat Singh of 1984 - Punjab arrives. Coming back to Sikander, the film has a story to tell but unfortunately it hasn't been told well.

Story by Jatinder Mauhar is good on paper but falls flat on screen. Although some of the portions were pretty convincing the rest fail to please. The length of the film could have been increased by another 15 minutes; maybe it could have helped to tell the story in a better way. Dialogues were just about palatable with the film.

Mauhar falls flat on the expectations, which he raised with his previous work.

Music was strictly average in Sikander. It did not do the trick for the film to create an immediate buzz and sadly none of the numbers are popular with the masses. Hootar still manages to capture attention. Yaari te Sardari is another one which suited the pace of the film.

Kartar Cheema as Sikander was good and complimented his role well and can be a prospect for lead roles in future. His expressions conveyed a lot besides his dialoguesGulPanag makes a confident debut in the Punjabi film industry. It won't be a surprise if she walks away with an award at PTCAwards next year. Victor John gave a satisfactory performance. 

Yaad Grewal stole the show. Punjabi Cinema was missing a villain like this from a very long time. He really has that in him to become an iconic villain in Punjabi Cinema if he gets a few more roles like these. Other supporting cast did not contribute much. Manav Vij was descent as always but could have been utilized in a better way. No impressive performances from the supporting cast this time around.

The film shows over excessive usage of various kinds of drugs by college students in daily life, which somehow does not seem appropriate or flowing with the storyline.

Sikander becomes the victim of careless writing and some average direction. The movie could have been a landmark film in Punjabi Cinema had the story been matured well. The film reflects that gaining the stature and power is easy but it's really not easy to maintain it. The film will be most enjoyed by the youth of Punjab.

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