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Brad Pitt 

Gerry Lane

Mireille Enos 

Karin Lane

Abigail Hargrove 

Rachel Lane

James Badge Dale 

Capt. Speke

Matthew Fox 


Fana Mokena 

Thierry Umutoni

David Morse 

Burt Reynolds

Ludi Boeken 


Michiel Huisman 


Sterling Jerins 

Constance Lane

Daniella Kertesz 


Fabrizio Zacharee Guido 


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The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself. (C) Paramount
I’m a huge fan of zombie fiction in all mediums. And I’ve read Max Brooks’ book World War Z, and love it. So it was that, having heard the rumors about reshoots and script problems and significant changes from the source material, I wondered what I was in for when I sat for an advance screening of director Marc Foster’s adaptation film World War Z, staring Brad Pitt (who also produced).

However, regardless of any questions about the film’s possible quality (but don’t worry, I’ll tell you about that, too), for weeks I’ve felt that with the rising mainstream popularity of zombie television and films, Pitt’s star power, the PG-13 rating, and trailers that demonstrated this is a movie that will truly depict a worldwide apocalyptic scenario, will add up to a good opening weekend. Whether that leads to longer legs at the box office in subsequent weeks will depend on the movie’s quality and whether it’s good enough to generate positive buzz, but in the aftermath of Man of Steel’s blockbuster June opening I’m betting audiences will be eager for more spectacle and adventurism, and World War Zwill attract plenty of business. Read on for details!

I think the audience word of mouth will be positive. Fans of zombie movies will be happy because it finally provides a realistic portrayal of zombies on a mass scale. Regardless of any cynical mutterings prior to release, I think most genre fans will show up to see the entire world shown under attack by zombies. Fans of The Walking Dead — and they are legion — will likewise probably turn out to seeWorld War Z, to satiate their hunger as they wait for the show to return with a new season. Teens will turn out for the film as they usually do for horror, and this movie’s PG-13 rating will make it particularly attractive to them.

It’s being promoted as much as an action-adventure and thriller as anything else, so expect some added crossover mainstream appeal outside of the already broad appeal of zombie fare these days. And Pitt’s name recognition will bring his fanbase (who don’t necessarily show up for his roles in low-budget indie fare, but who can typically be counted on when he delivers a big-budget summer flick like this one).

Finally, while so far there aren’t that many reviews out yet, the early reviews are pretty positive, so if the critical buzz remains good then that will help overcome some of the early media skepticism (which I frankly think is driven mostly by laziness, since once a few reports establish a simple, easily repeatable narrative about a film, the rest tend to pile on) and generate better press coverage that will be more encouraging to those fans who are currently uncertain about the film (particularly some of the most hardcore fans of the book)

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