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Theatre lo Naluguru movie poster

Release Date:
07 Jun 2013

Romance - Thriller


Srinivasa Raju Dendukuri

Saikiran Mukkamala

Star Cast :
 Srikanth, Dheeraj, Swetha Pandit

Horror movies have certain innate benefits. They can be made in limited budget. Even if concept is slightly new and director has the knack of thrilling audience, film will reach its target. Also there is no need of stars and renowned technicians. As a result, many young film makers try their hand at horror movies. If they succeed nothing like that. Even if they fail there will not be much damage. It will be useful as a platform to build career in movies. Therefore we are experiencing many horror and thriller genre movies of late. ‘Theatrelo..naluguru movie’ falls in the same category. It’s made by a group of youngsters who want to prove themselves. Let’s find out whether they could achieve what they aimed for.
4 boys and a girl set out to a forest for enjoying. Each of the four boys has his own share of shortcomings. One is mad about betting and one is womaniser. While one guy can’t hear anything, the other guy is arrogant. These four boys catch up with the girl and go to forest. In the forest these youngsters encounter an invisible power. That invisible power plays with these folks. What’s the relationship between that hidden force and these group of youngsters? Did these guys get out of forest safely? How this story is related to the four people who are watching cinema in the theatre, forms the main part of the story.

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