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Om Shanti Om


Farah Khan


Gauri KhanShah Rukh Khan


Romance , Action , Musical ,Comedy , Thriller , Drama


                                             Shah Rukh Khan

                                              Arjun Rampal

                                              Deepika Padukone

                                                  Kiron Kher

                                              Shreyas Talpade 

Om Shanti Om was a Diwali release with humongous promos and no doubt that this movie was going to break the box office record. In fact, looks like it was made just for that purpose. The movie is so focused on entertainment that it ends up becoming one senseless and silly movie. I think the reason why the movie has had such extreme reviews is because, on side there's the loyal SRK fans (He almost appears in every single frame) and people who enjoy mindless comedy with senseless melodrama and on the other side are people who expect to see a good film rather than baseless entertainment.

It is the story of a Junior Artist (Extra) Om Prakash (Shahrukh Khan) who dreams to become a superstar one day. He is madly in love with Shanti Priya (Deepika Padukone) who is a super star and she is in love with a film producer Mukesh Ahuja (Arjun Rampal). Mukesh after learning this fact that Shanti is pregnant with his child and his most ambitious project will come to hold if he marries her, He kills her. This whole event is witnessed by Shanti's good friend and her secret lover Om. Even Om dies in that tragic accident while trying to save Shanti. Now, 30 years later Om is next incarnation is a superstar as he is starkid. Due to a couple of vague incidents, Om remembers his past life tragedies and hence pits himself on a mission to get back at Mukesh along with the Shanti Priya's lookalike Sandy.