Mumbai Mirror full movie online.


Release Date
18 Jan 2013

Crime, Thriller

Raina Sachiin Joshi

Star Cast
Sachiin Joshi.... Abhijeet Patil
Prakash Raj.... Raghuraman Shetty
Vimala Raman.... Jia
Gihana Khan.... Bar Girl
Prashant Narayanan.... Prashant
Aditya Pancholi.... Lala Bhai
Mahesh Manjrekar.... ACP Gaitonde
Raja Bherwani.... Nikhil Mathur
Rajendra Chawla.... Insp.Pawan
Sudesh Berry.... J.P Yadav
Harry Josh.... Ex-Cop
Jitendra Trehan.... D.C.P
Firdaus Mewawala.... Police Commissioner
Manish Khanna
Javed Rizvi
Gopal Singh
Saagar Kale
Nidhi Mathur
Sunit Razdan

Rajat Bhagat


Ankush Bhatt

Shreya Ghoshal
Sonu Nigam
Wajid Ali
Ritu Pathak
Mamta Raaut
Sayantani Das
There are certain films from which you have set expectations. A lot of action, some twists and turns, heavy duty dialogue-baazi, confrontation between hero and the villain, a couple of item numbers and some liberal dose of skin show that would round it all up into a quintessential 'masala affair'. 'Mumbai Mirror' turns out to be one such film.
Sachiin, a cop with a chip on his shoulders, is out to clean up the system, both internal as well as external to his own department. However he isn't naive to the reality around him as well. He knows when to move ahead, take a step back or just lie low. Metaphorically, this is demonstrated through a game of chess that he plays with the gang-lord Prakash Raj. In this deadly play, many lives are lost, secrets unearthed and dirty linen washed.
However what makes 'Mumbai Mirror' interesting at numerous junctures is the way the protagonist goes about understanding the gravity of the situation and holding on to his anger instead of reacting recklessly. This is what makes the proceedings engaging for a good duration, especially in the last 30 minutes of the film when everything starts coming together.
The reason why he is so trigger friendly, his numerous interactions with co-cop Prashant Narayanan, the relationship he shares with his uncle, Mahesh Manjrekar, who is again a cop, numerous face-offs that he indulges with Prakash Raj and the manner in which he ultimately emerges victorious - all of this does results in many spikes that the film enjoys.
However what brings the film down are the item numbers that simply break the narrative. Agreed that for a movie of this genre it was pretty much required that single screen audience were kept happy. In fact this also forms a target market for the film.