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 After he meets with an accident, Anuradha comes to know that her husband Somnath has another wife, Sohini. How will Anuradha cope with the betrayal? What will Sohini's approach towards Anuradha be?

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Rituparna Sengupta,
 Rohit Roy,
 Hrishitaa Bhatt, 
Shankar Chakraborty, 
Biplab Chattopadhyay, 
Anusuya Majumdar, 
Shubhasish Mukherjee,
 Priyangshu Chowdhury



Agnidev Chatterjee

Music Director:
Indradeep Dasgupta

2 hrs & 2 mins

Mrs Sen deals with two women, whose identities are shaped by their husband's surname. They are forced to grapple with the fact that their husband lived a dual life that neither of them had knowledge of. Who is the actual Mrs Sen? Does Somnath's (Rohit) second marriage to Sohini (Hrishitaa) nullify his earlier one with Anuradha (Rituparna)? Or does Anuradha's presence invalidate Sohini's position? Is it at all possible for these two bereaved women to share a bond?

These are questions that Agnidev Chatterjee tries to answer in the film. And we feel he has succeeded, to an extent. The storyline is not linear and constantly swings between the present and the past. The use of dialogue is sparse, letting the two actresses — Rituparna and Hrishitaa — emote silently, and brilliantly. There are lots of close-ups of Anuradha and Sohini's faces, serving as windows into their turbulent minds. Rohit Roy does a good job but has significantly less screen time than his leading ladies. After all, it is not his story. It is the story of the missuses.

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