Meri Shadi Karao Full movie online

 Gurdeep Mehndi,
 Radhika Vaid,
 Manoj Pahwa

 Syed Noor

Romantic Comedy

2 hours 10 minutes


Syed Noor

Daler Mehndi
Gurdeep Mehndi
Harjeet Mehndi
Kishan Pal

Story: Gurdeep needs to fall in love with Radhika, so that his uncle could rekindle his past romance with her mother!

Movie Review: Gurdeep ( Gurdeep Mehndi) and his uncle ( Manoj Pahwa) drive cars and live happily in Dubai. But uncle wants Gurdeep to fall in love with Radhika (Radhika Vaid) so that he could rekindle his earlier romance with her mother Pritamji, who was his college friend. Pritam is now separated from her husband, so uncle is optimistic about their future together.

Meri Shadi Karao is singer Daler Mehendi's launch vehicle for his son Gurdeep. The production value of the film is average but the major problem here lies with the one-line story, which is stretched for a good two hours. Almost every actor in the film tries to be funny but nothing about them or their acting makes you smile! The film looks amateurish and so do the actors.

The supporting cast overacts and most of the characters are cliched. Picture this: Mary, the maid of the house, addresses the uncle as 'master', in spite of him being 40 something! Just because she is 'Mary', she has to speak Hindi as follows, "Hum tumko batana mangta, tea lenga?" The film looks outdated as a result.