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Jan 28,

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                                                                             Frank Ullman

                                                                               John Krantz

                                                                             John Heilmann

                                                                           Peter O. Scarson


                                                                              Oliver Lane

Mexico, land of the Maya and Aztec, temples and beaches and with a population of twenty-six million the bubbling metropolis of Mexico City is a maze of streets, flat roofs, skyscrapers and parks. Templo Mayor, the main temple of the Aztecs, lies in the centre of the city, in the large main square, Zocalo. The magnificent Catedral Metropolitana with its massive dimensions and fine stone masonry dominates the square, with equal prominence being given to the Palacinio Nacional, governmental seat of the Mexican President. In 1519, when the Spanish conquerors reached Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec kingdom, they discovered a lagoon paradise with floating gardens, Xochimilco, a labyrinth of lakes and canals, which today can be explored by boat. Known as the Pearl Of The Pacific, Acapulco is a world famous holiday resort of the rich and famous where luxury liners dock each day and endless golden sands beck on a swim under the Caribbean sun. Each evening, the famous cliff jumpers of Acapulco congregate when, from a height of 42 metres, they jump fearlessly from the top of the La Quebrada Cliff into the narrow bay below. In the legendary ruins of Palenque, numerous monuments of the Maya culture can be found such as a palace, and several pyramids and temples. From the air, there is a unique view of the lush growth of the impenetrable forests around Palenque, and of Mexico's most beautiful waterfalls of Agua Azul. Chichen Itza is thought to have been built by the Mayas around 450 AD and over 500 years later the fighting "Tolteken" took over the deserted city, which led to two hundred years of prosperity. Located in the north, Tequila is situated at the foot of the likewise named volcano and is world famous because it is here that the Mexican national drink is produced. But Mexico is much more than a drink...it is a feast for all the senses!