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Aryeman Ramse,
 Ashutosh Kaushik, 
Shree Rajput, 
Ananth Mahadevan, 
Rudra Kaushish, 
Mohini Neelkanth,
 Mushtaq Khan, 
 Gargy Patel



Ajay Yadav

Music Director:
Shabab Azmi


Bhadaas, a psycho thriller, is the story of a young girl Daisy. By profession Daisy is a writer. However, every night of full Moon she gets influenced by it. Something happens to her and she goes out in search of a man. She would ask for a lift and what happens later is a mystery. Men start disappearing, creating a panic.

Vijay is a police inspector, specializing in solving murder crime. He is called by A.C.P. Saxena to start the investigations afresh. Neha, the daughter of A.C.P. Saxena, loves Vijay. In a party when Vijay meets Daisy, he falls in love with her. But during the investigations, what come through, shocks everybody. A trap is laid to catch the killer red handed. Will the police be able to catch the killer? Will they know the real reason for these killings?

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